This is my first mother’s Day being a mother and I am feeling very excited! I couldn’t be more proud of grateful for the amazing daughter that God gave to me. Words really cannot describe the fulfillment I have in my life now. Being a mother is everything I hoped it would be and I only hope that I am able to place a stamp of love on Landrey’s heart that she carries with her forever like my mother did for me.

                        (My mommy feeling Landrey kick her mommy…)

I was very blessed to have had and still have a loving, Christian mother in my life. And now that I am married, I even have a wonderful God-fearing mother-in-law that I adore! (Not very many daughter-in-laws can say that- and mean it!!!) 

                                                                 (My mother-in-law, Mrs. Jan)

I could not imagine having to go through my younger life without a mother. Many children unfortunately experience this terrible void, but I hurt for them that never have known the emotions of having a wonderful mother. The feeling of comfort as she puts a cold washcloth on your forehead after being sick. Of having your #1 cheerleader at your sporting events. Or being scared and your mom making you feel safe by touching your hand, or in my case, your heart.

 I remember as a child having a bully named Melissa Griffith (funny how you never forget their names when they’re mean to you) threaten to beat me up every day at school. I didn’t even know her name before she starting harassing me, so I know it was nothing I did to her. She just had it out for me. Probably because she was a puny little thing in school and I was the only one smaller than she was! Ha! Crying everyday when I got home, more out of having my feelings hurt and not understanding why she didn’t like me than being scared, my mother did something that always stuck with me. She prayed with me. She prayed with me to have peace when I went to school and not be hurt or scared.  And then we prayed for Melissa. I remember not  understanding why we were praying for Melissa. Why were we praying for someone who was being mean to me??

The whole “Melissa”  thing eventually ended and she moved on to another skinny little girl, but it wasn’t until much later that I realized how much my mother’s prayer affected my outlook on prayer. I don’t even know if my mother ever knew what really took place in my heart that day. Since then, I have always tried to pray for my “enemies”. Wow is that hard sometimes!! That childhood incidence was so small in relation to my adult prayer requests now, but what a wonderful prayer lesson for a child to learn. First, that no matter how small or unimportant they might think the situation is, God cares. And secondly, not to get angry, retaliate or even return the feeling of hate- but to pray. Specifically, for the one(s) making you have those emotions. Easier said than done sometimes, especially when they drive you to tears and feelings of absolute frustration!! But as a child of God, I now know that I am commanded to do this.

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that   curse you, do good to them that hate you, and persecute you; and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Matthew 5:44

This Mother’s Day, thanks Mom for teaching me wonderful lessons, but most importantly, teaching me biblical lessons that would stay with me through out my life. Happy Mother’s Day and I love you!!!

(Mom, Janie, Landrey and me.  Mimi’s ” three girls”. )


Baby Dedication 2010


Our church, Faith Free Will Baptist, had their Baby Dedication Service this past Sunday,May 2, 2010. All together, there were almost 20 couples that vowed to give their child(ren) a Godly education, a Godly home and to be Godly examples. Jason and I were among these parents that vowed these things and we both took them very seriously. We pray that Landery will come to know and accept our Lord at an early age and that she will seize every opportunity to share the gospel with those around her.

                                 (Preacher and Mrs. Brenda Patrick)

I am so thankful for a church that has these services and that recognizes the importance of having a Godly home in order to produce a Godly child. I am the first to admit that I am not always “Godly” and now that I have two little eyes watching my every move and two little ears listening to my every word, I know that now more than ever is the time to be as close with God as possible.

 Jason and I both understand that Landrey is truly a gift from God and that He has intrusted us with her, but that she is not “ours to keep”. I instinctively feel that Jason and I are the only one’s who know what’s best for her and that we love her more than anyone ever could. How wrong that feeling is. While I do feel this way, I KNOW that my God loves Landrey far more than Jason or I ever could and that His plan for her life is perfect. Jason and I know that we are not rearing Landrey for what we want her to become or what we want for her life, but for her future husband, family and most importantly, for Christ.

     (Cousins: Evan, Pierson and Landrey. Baby Dedication 2010.) 

I pray that she will recognize how blessed she is to have amazing  great-grandparents, grandparents, family and an amazing church to help her grow with the Lord. So many children are born into this world with no Biblical foundation of knowledge at all. Never hearing or knowing the simplest of church songs  like “Jesus Loves Me”. Some are even born into families that reject His word. How sad… May Landrey come to realize and be thankful for exactly where the Lord placed her and may she use all of her wonderful resources to build a firm Biblical foundation for her family one day.

III John 4: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

Where has the time gone?

It’s been a while since I last blogged , huh?  (oh …almost two months ago!!!) Well, I’m back. Not that I really went anywhere, but it seemed that my computer had a mind of its own and would shut down whenever it liked, including in the middle of blogging. Thankfully, Jason is a computer guru and we are back in business! Thanks Jason!!

Since my last blog, our family has been very busy. Landrey has turned 6 months old, weighs a little over 16 pounds now, has outgrown almost all of her clothes and is really showing her personality! She is soooo much fun!

The weather here in NC has been unusually warm and everyone, including myself, has been enjoying it! Landrey’s Aunt Julie gave her an adorable pool for Christmas last year and we have gotten much use out of it. You can even attach the hose to it and water flows out the flowers attached to the side of the pool. It’s really cute! Landrey has really enjoyed that lately, but begins to get upset when the water continues to run through her fingers and she cannot grab it. It’s really funny to watch.

All of my years of living in NC, I cannot remember seeing every car on the road the color yellow. Until this year. The pollen count has been record-setting and yellow dust covers EVERYTHING in site! I cannot even take Landrey for a walk around the neighborhood without returning with a yellow, pollen covered stroller! Due to all of this, Landrey and Jason both, have had some serious allergies this Spring. Our family had a wonderful Easter this year. I had two baskets with candy and toys waiting for Jason and Landrey this year. It was so much fun. Landrey loved her toys, I really loved the candy! Ha!

This years family Easter picture was very special to me. Usually taken with just the two of us, this year our family picture included one more.  This was actually our first “family picture”.  I love to see Jason holding Landrey in pictures. Before we know it, she ‘ll be too big and will have to stand next to him.

Landrey has sitting up accomplishes very well, but crawling might be a little harder. She wants nothing to do with any activities on her stomach and immediately rolls over and tries to sit up. She would much rather stand up and “walk” while holding your fingers. It’s so funny to watch her little feet move one in front of the other.They get caught up and step on the other, but she is smiling the whole time and wanting to go- go-go!

I have a feeling that when she does begin walking on her own, I am going to have my hands full! She is always wanting to go over there, see that, go outside, get that toy, etc. Needless to say, she keeps me busy without her ability to walk!  

Our church is having Baby Dedication on May 2nd and I am very excited.  I had once thought that Landrey would have been younger than 6 months before our church had one of their dedication services (they unusually have a spring and fall service), but with over 12  babies born between April and November of last year, they decided to wait. Now, just in April, we have close to 16 babies that will be dedicated in the coming Sunday, if not more!! By the way, one of those ladies that had a baby born right before Landrey is expecting again!  Not wanting a baby anytime soon??? Don’t drink the water in Goldsboro!

“Will you Marry Me?”

It was five years ago today that Jason asked me to marry him. I knew something was up, but didn’t know quite what. Jason explained to me to be ready at 5 AM, dress warm and wear good shoes. Hmmm…. what in the world?? Jason had everything planned out, detail by detail! He even called my boss at that time and explained why I wouldn’t be able to come into work. At 5 AM, he picked me up at my mother’s house and off we drove. About 30 minutes later, we were at the airport. Still not knowing where we were going, we walked into the airport showed ID and waited. Finally they announced boarding RDU to NYC and he handed me my plane ticket! Off we flew to NYC!!!
Arriving about 8 AM, Jason had a car waiting for us and drove us directly into Manhattan. First stop: Central Park. Little did I know that he was about to propose. Or so he thought. He had everything planned out. A romantic walk and then we were to go to Tavern On The Green, one of the most romantic places in NYC. As we walked up to the door, it looked awfully dark inside. Yep! It was closed… OK-Plan B…

So we walked around central Park and decided to sit up on some beautiful boulders that overlooked the city. Can you believe we were the only ones there? As Jason reached into his pocket, a bum came and sat right next to him. Not on the 50 boulders surrounding us, right next to Jason on his bolder..

Plan C…We decided to go see Ground Zero. What a spectacular sight to see. The dust was still on the ledges of the adjacent buildings. People were still placing flowers and writing notes to be left behind. And this was 4 years after the attack. While I was looking around and taking in the moment, Jason was no where to be found. Finally locating him, he was on the phone! WHAT??? Everytime I would look at him, he would turn around and continue talking with whomever he was on the phone with. I would approach him and he would walk away. Not very romantic!!
We left from there and as we were walking a limo pulled up next to us and Jason said “GET IN”!!!! By this point, I was tired and Jason was slightly aggravated from all the plans not going as he would have liked. We drove around the block once and the limo stopped. “That was weird”, I thought. Jason once again became aggravated. He got out and spoke with the driver. Around the block we drove again. This time, getting caught in traffic. It was time!
He reached for my hand, and asked me, “Will you marry me?”.  Of course, I said “YES”!!!
I hadn’t noticed the limo stopping again, but he said that we were here, so we proceeded to get out of the limo. With everyone on the street clapping and congratulating us on our new engagement (they probably knew because I was screaming and showing off the ring!!) , he explained that we were about to see the Broadway Play “The Phantom of The Opera”!! I was so excited!!
The play was spectacular and we had amazing seats. Word spread very  the building about our engagement and during intermission tons of people congratulated us! What a memorable moment…

We ended the night with a romantic dinner and a flight back to North Carolina. What a day!
To explain some of the unusual behavior by Jason at ground zero, he was talking to his uncle about how all of the plans had fallen through and he was panicking  about not having a private place to propose. His uncle, being the NYC expert and having tons of connections, told him to look for a limo and to ask me in there. About 15 minutes later, the limo arrived. Amazing!
Poor Jason. His intentions were to ask me that morning at 8 AM and get to over with. It wasn’t until around 7 PM that evening that he had the chance.
Despite all the frustration and anticipation, we had a wonderful time and made some great memories. And a funny story to tell, too!
I love you, Jason!!

First snow!!

In North Carolina, we can occasionally see snow and even some ice, but when the weather man says “SNOW”, people really start to get excited around here. Well, the word “snow” was mentioned and snow was what we got! Some areas received 3-4 inches! While we did receive some snow, we mainly saw snow at first, with freezing rain following. It sure was pretty while it lasted. I was so excited to take pictures with Landrey for her “first snow”. I am trying my best to capture all of her “firsts”. Before I know it, I’ll be taking pictures of her in the snow next year and wondering where the time went.

    This week has been fillied with firsts for me AND Landrey. Landrey is officially sick for the first time. I am actually surprised she made it to 4 1/2 months! Congestion, coughing and a slight fever. I took her to the doctor and he said she has a really bad cold…Poor baby. No medicine or relief. She just has to get better on her own. During the day is manageable, but come night time, it is terrible. I just cringe thinking about tonight. It is pitiful to see a baby having difficulty breathing only to cough when she finally gets a good breath. Even through all of this, she manages to crack a smile at me every once in a while. So sweet. The poor baby smells like vicks vapor rub all day though! Please pray that she feels better quickly! I miss all those sweet smiles and giggles!



This blog post is for our family and friends who haven’t been able to see many of her pictures because they are out-of-state. It’s hard to keep up with her because she is growing so fast! Landrey had a doctor’s appt. this past Monday and she is 26 1/4″ long! The doctor had the nurse come back into the room and re-measure her. Sure enough 26 1/4″. He explained he didn’t believe it because she is the height of a 7 month old. That explains why her 3-6 month clothes look like capris! Haha!
I decided to experiment with taking some pictures of Landrey at 4 months. I have looked at Sears, Belks, and other places for some “cheap” pictures. What a joke! I cannot believe how expensive pictures are. Anyway, I thought it was worth a shot to try my hand at it. Landrey, as usual, was very cooperative and had nothing but smiles to give the camera. So here are her latest pictures. All 26 1/4″ of her… 🙂
I hope everyone enjoys these. I LOVED taking them of her. Now I’ve caught the photography bug, so there may be more to follow! Have a wonderful week!

a href=”https://haasfamilyonline.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/at-home-0142.jpg”>


We have a tooth!! After much anticipation, baby Tylenol and teething tablets and hugs, we now have a tooth! It’s the cutest little tooth you’ve ever seen. Now if only the one next to it would hurry up. Her poor little gum is swollen and red. Any day now!

I had been looking and looking for a bouncer for Landrey. On Craigslist, word of mouth and at our local child’s consignment store. The consignment store had two, but they were REALLY dirty and were still $50.00! New ones are $80.00 and come clean! So after searching and searching, I decided to check the consignment store again. On my way out,  a woman was coming in with hers arms full carrying a bouncer. (Just the one I wanted, too!) She explained that it had never been used and never put together. I said that I didn’t know what they would offer her for it, but I would give her $30.00 cash. “SOLD!”, she said. I was so excited!

This is the latest of her in her bouncer. She loves it! I can hardly believe that she not quite 4 months old and not sitting up on her own, but can do this!

If you look through the videos after you watched her in her bouncer, you can also watch Landrey standing up in Jason’s hand doing “balancing baby”. She thinks she is sooo big! We get so tickled at her doing this.  She is so much fun!

I keep thinking that 3 weeks was my favorite age. Then 4 weeks. Two months was great! At three months I loved her interacting and reaching for things. Now at 4 months, this is my new favorite age. I’m sure as she grows, I will have many new favorite ages. Good thing is that I can enjoy all of  her twenties too because she can’t date until she turns 30!  🙂

So Proud.

Ok my blog readers…It’s about to get REALLY sappy!!! It seems like people are constantly commenting on how big Landrey is getting and how grown up she is looking. With her wanting to stand up constantly and cutting her first tooth I am beginning to agree. I am trying my very best not to overlook or miss any new thing happening with her, but every time I blink, she changes. My sister-in-law and I were sitting in the back of the church this morning with our babies and as Landrey woke up from her nap, she immediately gave us a huge smile. It warmed my heart. She is such a happy baby and smiles at strangers all the time! (no matter how scary they look, unfortunately.) She really makes me proud that she is so friendly and social.

As Landrey and I were doing some Christmas shopping last month, an elderly man in a wheelchair came up to us and began to speak.  He explained that he had no family around Goldsboro and was hoping that some family would be able to come and spend Christmas with him, but he was doubtful.   He was so sweet, but obviously lonely. His eyes met Landrey ‘s eyes and they were instant friends. They carried on a conversation for over a minute! She would talk, then him… it was precious.  As he said goodbye, he said that she had made his day. That was when I  began to realize how wonderful it is when your children make you proud.

I found this video and it says it all. Be prepared…. tissues would be a great idea. HINT HINT…

Christmas 2009

As I mentioned previously, we had a wonderful Christmas! Some of my favorite things were seeing the reflection of the tree lights in Landrey’s eyes. She LOVED looking at all the decorations.It really helped out when she would become a little fussy. All I had to do was let her look at the tree and she would be captivated. Now that the tree is down, I am going to have to get creative and think of something else! Ha!

Seeing that Landrey is the only great-grandchild and grand baby on my side and the only girl grand baby on Jason’s side, let’s just say she was spoiled at Christmas! From rattles to clothes and lots of toys, she is set for a while! She even got a pool and pool floaty for the summer!!

To watch her study each present as we opened it for her was hysterical! She was very serious about each one and examined each inch of them…

This past year has been so sweet for Jason and me. From finding out we were expecting in January to meeting Landrey for the first time in September and now experiencing her first Christmas this past December. I am so excited to see what this coming year has for our family. Please pray that the Lord blesses all of us with health and many wonderful memories.