So Pretty!

On June 5, 2010  my sister-in-law, Jennifer, will be getting married. Everyone is so excited and we all love her fiance, Michael. Planing a wedding, to say the least, is exhausting! It’s the kind of exhaustion that you can only understand if you have planned a wedding yourself. Hang in there, Jen. It will be […]

Baby Dedication 2010

  Our church, Faith Free Will Baptist, had their Baby Dedication Service this past Sunday,May 2, 2010. All together, there were almost 20 couples that vowed to give their child(ren) a Godly education, a Godly home and to be Godly examples. Jason and I were among these parents that vowed these things and we both took […]

Where has the time gone?

It’s been a while since I last blogged , huh?  (oh …almost two months ago!!!) Well, I’m back. Not that I really went anywhere, but it seemed that my computer had a mind of its own and would shut down whenever it liked, including in the middle of blogging. Thankfully, Jason is a computer guru and […]

First snow!!

In North Carolina, we can occasionally see snow and even some ice, but when the weather man says “SNOW”, people really start to get excited around here. Well, the word “snow” was mentioned and snow was what we got! Some areas received 3-4 inches! While we did receive some snow, we mainly saw snow at first, […]


This blog post is for our family and friends who haven’t been able to see many of her pictures because they are out-of-state. It’s hard to keep up with her because she is growing so fast! Landrey had a doctor’s appt. this past Monday and she is 26 1/4″ long! The doctor had the nurse […]


We have a tooth!! After much anticipation, baby Tylenol and teething tablets and hugs, we now have a tooth! It’s the cutest little tooth you’ve ever seen. Now if only the one next to it would hurry up. Her poor little gum is swollen and red. Any day now! I had been looking and looking for a bouncer […]

So Proud.

Ok my blog readers…It’s about to get REALLY sappy!!! It seems like people are constantly commenting on how big Landrey is getting and how grown up she is looking. With her wanting to stand up constantly and cutting her first tooth I am beginning to agree. I am trying my very best not to overlook or […]