Welcome, Boys!

Welcome to the world, Lawson and Levi!! We have been expecting you! 🙂

 On Tuesday, November 6th at 12:28 and 12:29, Lawson and Levi Haas were welcomed by into our family and our hearts. So many people were gathered outside to catch a glimpse of them and I don’t remember a thing… Everything happened so fast and unexpectantly. 

I was scheduled for a c-section on Thurs. the 8th, due to the fact that Levi was still in a breech position,  but around 4 am on Tues. the 6th, my body started to let me know that God was the one who schedules births and He had different plans. After calling back and forth with the nurses at the hospital, they suggested that I go to my OBGYN to check if I was dilating. Reluctantly, I agreed and with my grocery list in hand (just in case I wasn’t, I needed to grocery shop before the big day!), I went to the doctor. As I checked myself in, I immediately put the pen down and entered through the doors. Something just happened…
As I exited the bathroom, the nurse looked at me and immediately showed me to a room. The doctor began the exam and said, “Well, you are 4 cm. Do you feel like having two babies today?” WHAT??? No, wait, I need one more day! I still have to mop, vacuum and grocery shop. I wasn’t prepared!” The only thing I HAD prepared was Landrey’s bags to stay with her Nana and Papa. Had I remembered to put my hair dryer in my bag? What about extra socks? I hadn’t done my final check of things! 

I immediately called Jason, who was awaiting news from me and told him I was heading to the hospital. His voice sounded just as shocked as mine. Not sure why… babies come when THEY are ready, not the parents, yet we were thinking that we had more time! I left the doctor’s office and made my way to the hospital. Upon entering the Labor and Delivery doors, I was greeted by a team of nurses waiting for my arrival. Knowing that HE is in complete control, I couldn’t have picked a better team of doctors and nurses if I had the choice. Every nurse I had met for my weekly non-stress tests happened to be working that day, the doctor on-call was the doctor schedule to do the c-section in two days and the pediatrician on rotation that particular day was Landrey’s pediatrician… I even knew the nurse anesthetist on call! So thankful for a gracious, all-knowing God.


Lawson Joseph
6 lbs. 7 oz.
12:58 pm


Levi Jonathan
5 lbs. 15 oz.
12:59 pm

No more had Jason arrived, my  IV was administered and I was being wheeled back in the OR. I hadn’t brought my bags or Jason’s bags, but luckily, the camera just happened to be in my vehicle. “Did I charge the batteries?” I needed more time! I asked Jason to run down to the parking lot and get it. The nurse said he would have just enough time and she was right. As Jason dressed himself in hospital pull-over scrubs, I was being prepped for surgery. There was actually a minute that the room went silent and all stood still, waiting the arrival of “dad”. Finally, the time came. Jason sat next to me, held my hand and we looked at one another as we heard the first cry of one of the twins. It seemed like only seconds later, we were looking at one another again, this time with slight anxiety as we heard the sound of two crying babies. Lawson and Levi had arrived.


The room was filled with so many people who I actually lost count. A team of nurses, my OBGYN, a pediatrician, an anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist , I even gave my permission for a nursing student to witness the birth of our boys. You name it, they were in there. Everyone was ready to jump into action, if the twins’ needed it. Having a gracious and loving God, our boys were born without a single complication and required no specialized care, just well-deserved hugs and kisses. The Lord asks us to cast ALL our cares and concerns to Him and HE will handle them. The thoughts of the things that so many twins need medically after birth ran through our minds constantly during this pregnancy, but I did as He asked of me and turned them over to the most all-knowing and wonderful physician there is-God. I still found myself holding my breath until we heard each of their cries, but words of thanks were spoken to Him over and over that day and continue to this very morning. 

After hearing the cries of the boys, that was the last thing I remember. I am so thankful that I was able to be coherent for the delivery, but not feeling myself breathe was making me panicky, so I was given something to relax…and I did! According to some family members, I am quite the comedian while on prescription meds. 🙂 

I am so thankful for my family! I was so exhausted right after the boys’ birth, that I wasn’t able to capture those special moments immediately after, but my family was sure I didn’t miss them! Thanks everyone!

Landrey seeing her brothers for the first time in the nursery.

Landrey seeing her brothers for the first time in the nursery.




2 thoughts on “Welcome, Boys!

  1. I enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures. Landrey is a precious big sister and the boys are also precious. Love and prayers, Louise Blackmon.

  2. Ashly, that was a beautiful description of you’r miraculous day ! I stand amazed too !!! I anxiously await meeting ALL you’r precious cargo one day in the near future, xo and blessings today and always…Kristen

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