These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for our family! (I know I will look back and laugh at what I NOW consider to be a whirlwind…). Second crib arrived, of course, broken. Had to wait for the new parts to arrive, but now the nursery is complete with nearly TWO of everything! The boys have been passing their nst (non-stress tests) with flying colors and their estimated weight is around 6 lbs. I am a whopping 37 weeks now and with that being said, Jason and I are scheduled to meet our little guys on….. Nov. 8th!!!!! I can hardly wait!!

Landrey has been showing more and more excitement now that the newest addition to the family has arrived…a new cousin named, Cohen! She adores him! He was actually born on her birthday and feeding time is pure bliss for her. She loves holding his bottle and just staring at him. I hope she still has that awe when the boys arrive and there are TWO babies crying for attention! What a great little helper she will be for me! I have a feeling the hardest part for her will be her wanting to do more than she will be allowed to do. I might have to keep my eye on those baby swings…I may turn around only to find one of the boys gone and in her babydoll stroller!!

As I mentioned earlier, Landrey had a wonderful gift on her birthday, a new cousin. This has to be the sweetest picture I have seen in a while. She has nothing but pure happiness written on her face here.  So sweet!

We celebrated Landrey’s 3rd birthday this year with a wonderful lunch after church, filled with family, presents and surprises! Being that this birthday was much smaller than previous years, Landrey picked out her cake at our local Wal-Mart. It was the tackiest, most adorable Fairy Barbie cake I have ever seen and she loved it! 🙂

I did mention surprises earlier, didn’t I? Well, surprise #1 was a present from her Nana and Papa that couldn’t have put a bigger smile on her face… a scooter complete with a Barbie helmet. Riding this scooter has now become an everyday thing… Thanks Nana and Papa! 🙂

Ok… surprise #2.

A NEW COUSIN!! (Coming in April…) We are so excited for Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike! What a blessing-all these babies!! We are all anxiously awaiting the news of the baby’s gender. Go team PINK!! If not, that would make girls:1 and boys: 6!! She does love her cousins, though! She wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Being that Landrey’s birthday falls during a busy time of year for Jason’s work schedule and we are usually out-of-town, we decided to take advantage of being in Myrtle Beach, SC and share some fun times at some fun attractions. Although we live on the East Coast, our aquariums are around 2 hours away, so we were excited to take Landrey to one. She loved it! Well, all except the dinosaur exhibit. I do have to admit, the dinosaurs were so lifelike, they made you feel slightly uneasy, even for Jason and I. 🙂

There were, however, so many exhibits that she DID enjoy. Walking through the aquarium, I couldn’t help but notice how she clung to Jason. Every time I turned around to show her something, her arms were wrapped around his neck and they were both laughing or interacting with the many things the aquarium showcased. Two peas in a pod, those two are!!


6 thoughts on “Whirlwind!

  1. Landrey is beautiful and you are right about she & Jason being peas in a pod. He is gorgeous and so are you. Can hardly wait to see pictures of the boys! Praying that you have an easy delivery to 2 healthy boys! Love you.

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