Showers of Blessings

When asking busy people to take time out of their busy schedules to attend a shower on a Monday night, you have expect that people are just that, busy, and while they would love to attend, some just cannot. So true, yes, but not for some very special people to me. 

From left to right: Carla, Sarah (cousin), Grammy (grandmother) Janie (sister), Mom and Me. (Little helpers Brooklyn and Cody, also pictured. )

As I was becoming amazed at the turnout and all of the support people were showing by attending, I glanced out the front door to see if my mother had arrived yet. For a second, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me. As I focused harder, it was clear.   My cousin, Sarah (whom I had not seen in years), my dear friend Carla (a long time friend of the family’s) and I couldn’t believe it- my grandmother were all walking up the driveway! My grandmother had given me a sweet hug and kiss goodbye two weeks earlier to head back to West Virginia until the babies arrived. What a wonderful surprise!!! My night was truly complete with friends and family who loved me and whom I loved so much in return…

Me and my mother-in-law

With the generosity of all those whom attended and continue to bless us with baby gifts, the boys’ closet is now filled with lots of blue, wash clothes are now an array of blues, greens and dinosaurs and all the baby boy blankets make the dresser drawer hard to close. I find myself just standing in their sweet little nursery and giving thanks to the Lord for all He has given to us.

When you first hear the words “twins”, so many emotions fill your heart and your thoughts. Many of which are, “How in the world are we going to afford this??” I would find an adorable outfit or a baby toy and would pick it up to purchase it, only to realize that I had to buy two. Adding the price of both pieces up in my head, it quickly became more than I wanted to spend, and back they went. This was done on many occasions. To have people who love you so generously supply so many of our needs AND wants for these babies still warms my heart and Jason and I are so very thankful…

The adorable, nautical themed cake


At our last ultrasound visit, I was given yet another little surprise.  The ultrasound tech that has been with us through this whole experience has become a dear friend and with myself, Jason, my mom, grandmother, sister and Landrey all in the room to see how the boys’ progress was looking on the ultrasound, she decided to give us a close glimpse. With a push of a button, the images became incredibly real and clear. We all gasped and looked on more intensely.  We were looking at them in 3-D… Truly amazing experience, if you have never experienced it. Jason and I didn’t have this detailed ultrasound with Landrey, so this was a real treat! My first thought immediately was…. they looked like Jason. Boy, his genes are strong!! 🙂

Levi Jonathan
2 lbs. 1 oz.

Landrey Elizabeth
1 week old

Lawson Joseph
2 lbs. 4 oz.

With the night ending quite late, a surprise for Landrey was to come in the morning. Remembering our sweet little Landrey, people also showered her with “big sister” gifts. How thoughtful!!! When she woke up the next morning, it looked like Christmas for her! Presents and paper was flying everywhere and she was one happy little girl! Can you tell? 🙂

Yay! A big sister shirt to wear to the hospital!

A movie to watch in the van!

A new princess dress and stickers!

A cupcake play set!

Coloring book and crayons!

Twin babies that she adores and has named “Levi and Lawson”. These babies now go everywhere with us!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the shower a success and so special for me and my whole family. I know so much of what each of you did probably went unnoticed, but it didn’t go unappreciated. So much preparation went into it (food, decor, cake, invitations, etc.) and I cannot say enough “thank you’s” to all of the hosts, Mrs. Norma for graciously opening her home to everyone  and to Mrs. Tammy, who put in countless hours preparing and organizing. I love you all!!!


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