Not Without A Fight

The top of the twins’ heads. They were snuggling.

With us knowing that one of the twins was a boy, the suspense was killing us to know if the second baby was going to be a best bud with his brother, or a sweet sister to Landrey. As the ultrasound began, immediately… it was a boy. No wait! It’s a girl! It was doing it again. This baby was not going to show us what we wanted to see without a fight! “NO!!!!!” This was the third time we were trying to see what its gender was and it was still being stubborn. Ok, kid. We get it. Ya’ got a sense of humor….

After many attempts and various positions, the Dr. was called in to give his opinion. My friend, Emily, who does the ultrasounds, commented that in 8 years of doing this, she has never had a baby to give her this much trouble. A sign of things to come, perhaps?

A knock at the door and the doctor came in. No more than he set foot through the threshold, the gender was evident on the screen. 100% confident and without a doubt, it was another BOY! The doctor laughed as he said, “You needed me to confirm this?” It was so clear! We were having twin boys!

On a funny note, the doctor that came into the room was the same doctor that delivered Landrey and we love him! He is so sweet and soft-spoken. Standing a generous 5’6″, he has a very gentle and meek personality and I find that he mainly greets people with a sweet smile, verses a loud hello and hefty hand shake. As he looked at the boys facing one another with their legs flared open, he burst out saying, “Look! They are already having their first competition!” I nearly fell off the table and everyone started to laugh… This was so out of character for him to say a comment like that, but it just what we need to break the tension. I still find myself giggling when I think of him saying that.

Both Boys!

My mother-in-law has since given us our very first baby boy gifts, complete with matching blue outfits and matching blue teddy bears. That now makes the count at a whopping 4 items in our house that are blue!! 🙂 Even Landrey’s wash cloths are, what else? PINK! We have pink overload in our home. Doesn’t everyone with a little girl who is almost three?? I have loved every minute of it, too, but I do find myself loving the blue that is sneaking in. 🙂

I am scheduled again to go back this coming Tuesday for various observations on the boys, along with measurement testing, Downs screening and organ checks. This is always a nervous time. I know God is in control and He has created them exactly the way He sees fit, but please pray that all the tests and observations appear normal. We are thankful that the boys appear healthy so far.


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