Just a Bonus!

The plot thickens and the mystery continues. No really, it does! As of yesterday, I have had two ultrasounds since my last post to determine the genders of the babies. Why two you ask? Well, the results are in and it will answer your question.

Baby A is a….. BOY!!! We are so excited about this! I think little boys are the cutest things and what guy doesn’t want a little boy to pal around with and teach to throw a ball? I am so excited for our family to share the thrills that come along with raising a little boy!

Baby A is a BOY!

    And Baby B is a….. MYSTERY!! Yep! Even after two separate ultrasounds in two separate weeks, Baby B is determined not to cooperate. How much more suspense can we take? 🙂
I do have to admit though, that I sort of like not knowing. While we think we have an idea, and I am still not able to plan the nursery or buy anything “twinsy” yet, the anticipation is surprisingly fun.

Baby B is mystery!

Now the fun part begins…names! Picking one name? Not all that difficult. Choosing two names? Difficult. Should we stay with the “L” theme? Change it up? One thing is for sure, no rhyming names will be used! ha! Sorry all of you who liked Barry and Larry, Stacy and Tracy or Sam and Pam. 🙂

Despite the lackof knowing what it is, the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful daughter and a confirmed son and so that makes our little mystery baby, just a bonus in our eyes.

Next ultrasound is Tues., so check back to see what Baby B decides to do!


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