Double the blessing, double the surprise!

I have had another doctors appointment since my last blog and everything is looking great, so far! Both babies are growing right on target and the heart rates were strong, baby A at 165 and Baby B at 169. I have to admit that I am excited to get an ultrasound every time I go.  I just love seeing them move and squirm. I invited my friend, Tabitha,to join me for my latest ultrasound. It’s not everyday you get to see twins, so she was just as excited to go as I was to share this special blessing with her.   Right away, baby A showed that it wanted no part of it and put its hand behind its head and gave us a bottom shot. Baby B, however, was a little more excited to “see us”. It showed us its tiny legs and feet, was constantly kicking and arching its back and was not shy about showing us its hand coordination. They were adorable to watch. I find it amazing that you can fall in love with another human before even meeting it, within seconds…. What a blessing God has bestowed upon our family.

Baby B. Aren’t those the cutest little legs and feet?

Baby A. Notice its little hand behind its head. So sweet!

That being said, the shock is beginning to wear off (slowly) and I have bursts of excitement, especially when I see cute little matching outfits.  I may not know what they are yet, but window shopping for them is really fun!  🙂

I am now around 15 weeks and thankfully, my good friend is my ultrasound tech during this whole process. I am so grateful for this. She is such an encourager for me and is constantly texting me and checking  on me. She has even decided to fulfill my curiosity a little earlier than normal… Normally, many doctors offices make you wait until you are 20 weeks to find out the gender of your baby, but we have a special appointment THIS WEEK to find out!!! Yay!!! At my last appointment, just at 12 weeks, she said she could tell what Baby A was, but Baby B wouldn’t be still long enough to tell. AND, there is now a possibility that there is a membrane separating them now, which means the possibility of having different genders! She said it just wasn’t clear enough to tell and I may possibly need to have a level 2 ultrasound at Duke or Wake Med (hospitals in Raleigh/Durham that specialize in multiple births) to positively determine that.

This discovery would mean that they still share a placenta, therefore still possibly being identical, or possibly being fraternal! So many surprises and possibilities! It is just such a weight off my shoulders knowing that Gods plan for that is perfect and I have no say so. It really feels like it’s Christmas as a child. I now I have a huge present coming in a few days and I can see it under the tree, I can even hold it and admire it, but have no clue what’s inside. Oh, that was such torture as a child, wasn’t it?  🙂

The discovery of separate sacs also means far less risks for all of us, so please keep us in your prayers in these coming days and months.

So what do you think??? Be sure to take the poll on the top, right side of the blog. I would love to see what YOU think!! Check back soon to see if you were right! 🙂  



3 thoughts on “Double the blessing, double the surprise!

  1. Dahlins A & B are already showing us they are very content where they are, and are unimpressed by us!! How cute! Can’t wait to hear the details later! ~Blessings to Momma and Dahlins!!!!

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