Feeling Hot, Hot, Hotdog!!

Although it was a bit chilly outside, Jason and I decided to take Landrey for her first Hot dog a few weeks ago. Now, when we say a hot dog, we mean a HOT DOG!! And to get one of those, there is only one place…
Growing up in South Florida, I thought a hot dog was, well, just a hot dog! Good old beef hot dogs that you threw on a bun and voila! But here in NC, having your first hot dog is an event, complete with pictures. Good thing we know just the place for the perfect experience AND the perfect hotdog!! James’ hotdogs have been around for years and is still known by many as “Rudy’s Hotdogs”. Now that Mr. Rudy has gone to be with our Lord, his son, James, hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to keeping the tradition alive. You can count on every seat to be filled and orders flying out the door every time you go. And what a convenient location…directly across the street from our church. (If you’re in need of a preacher around 12 everyday, that’s where you will find them!)

Landrey and I got there just a bit before Jason did, so we had a fun time taking pictures with her friend, Mr. James. She just loves him…. he always makes it a point to pass her Sunday School Classroom and give her a high five on Sunday mornings. So sweet! Landrey’s little brown eyes lit up when we walked inside and she saw him standing there behind the counter.

As the three of us sat down to wait for our order, it was apparent that this experience was really getting to Landrey. Ohh, the anticipation!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      She knew something good was coming, but wasn’t quite sure what it was. As the food came out, smelling good and steaming hot, we said our blessing and began to dig in! I wasn’t quite brave enough to give her the hotdog whole, but she didn’t seem to mind. Complete with a fresh bag of chips and an ice-cold fountain drink (don’t you just love those!), Landrey was a very happy girl!

 Thanks, Mr. James for making our first hotdog experience a great one, complete with full bellies, lots of laughs and great memories!

Landrey, Mr. James and James' mother, Ms. Chestnut.


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