Full Steam Ahead… All Aboard?!!?

Gas 2011 Average: $3.11                                                     Gas 2012 Average: $3.32

Milk 2011 Average: $3.50                                                     Milk Today Average: $3.76

Average cost of diapers for entire year of 2011:  $1,200      Average estimated cost for                                                                                                 diapers for 2012: $1,500

As seen above, the costs of everyday products are going nowhere but up, including diapers and so…. we are now entering the potty-training journey!  I was actually a little excited about this transition until I began doing  some research on tips and techniques…. “What method? Pull-ups or no pull-ups? Buy this product and that product to ensure success. Good potty-training should only take 3 days. Excellent potty-training should only take ONE day! Quit and try again later or just keep going?” I found myself wishing these days would hurry up and we could get past this stage! It wasn’t long after that, I found myself regretting those very thoughts! I was talking with my mother and we began to discuss how fast time goes by and her next statement stopped me cold. “If I had three wishes, it would be to hold all three of you as babies, just once more.” I began to blink rapidly to hold back tears. Only a mother would wish for that…… (Well, maybe a mother not trying to potty-train ha!)

When Landrey has a boo-boo, I can sympathize and understand. When she is excited about a new friend or toy, I can relate….but potty-training, I am having a hard time with! We, of course cannot remember being potty-trained, but we are supposed to know exactly what to do to make it happen and make it happen successfully! Sigh….

As of yesterday, the kitchen has a fresh stash of candy (bribes) waiting for Landrey as she attempts to be a successful potty-trainer and I have a fresh stash of paper towels, Clorox and ibuprofen! 🙂 Let the fun begin full steam ahead!!  All aboard!!


4 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead… All Aboard?!!?

  1. Loved this post, Ashly! I remember writing several blog posts about potty training (on my old blog) when Mason was Landrey’s age. That man in the top cartoon sounds just like Jason, right? Don’t tell him I said that! 🙂

    Good luck — this too shall pass.

  2. Just remember to take a deep breathe and just encourage Landrey. Our granddaughter during her potty training was not one of the one day, three days but more of the many days of potty training.

    I will be thinking of you and Landrey.

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw the cartoon! Ha! Too funny. I am sort of excited about this new phase, really! I am definitely going to take your advise and stay in the house for days until its completed. Gotta go and get some pretty princess panties for her doll! 🙂 Thanks for all your encouraging words, as usual. You are such a supporter! Thanks!

  4. oh she will do fine. I have been working with Kenzie. She is more ready than me. Mallory has to go to EVERY bathroom we pass. That i am not ready for with two, but she is starting preschool next week so i will be trying to train her soon.

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