Sweet Giggles, Frilly Bows and Dirty Toes

Several “boo boos”, hundreds of bows, an occasional tantrum and lots of hugs and kisses later, we have a TWO year old in our house! These past two years have, without a doubt, been the most challenging and the most rewarding years I have ever experienced. While some days, I couldn’t see straight due to lack of sleep, other days were filled with so many giggles and laughing, my cheeks hurt! I am so thankful that our Lord decided to bless our family with little Landrey.

As a human, many believe that they are deserving of being a mother and having children. As a Christian, I know I just the opposite and it’s only by His grace and mercy that He blessed our family with a child. I have no explanation of why some do not receive the blessings of children, nor do I have an explanation of why God sometimes chooses to take some children before they ever know the comfort of their fathers arms or the sweetness of their mothers kisses. I just have to trust that His plans are perfect and decisions are sufficient for me. I do know, however, that through our trials and disappointments, He longs for us to draw closer to Him and brag on his blessing that He HAS bestowed upon us. My family is my blessing.

This year, for Landrey’s birthday party, we decided to keep it small and simple and have it be a family event.  (All 20+ family members) 🙂 The day was perfect! Perfect weather, no fevers or sickness mysteriously popping up that morning (why does that always happen the morning of a special day?) and nearly all our family was in town to help us celebrate. And the cake….. absolutely gorgeous! (Thanks, Mrs. Della.)

This year, I particularly enjoyed her birthday party. Mainly because she could participate, sing along to “happy birthday to you…” and actually blow out her little candle on her cake.  http://vimeo.com/30233613 She was able to unwrap her birthday presents and went around to each family member and thanked them with a hug and kiss. I was one proud mamma! During these past two years, her interests have changed from rattles and bottles, to ponies, babies and playing dress up.  I have to admit, I am enjoying playing dress-up, too! 🙂 With that being said, her gifts of “my little ponies”, dress-up clothes and baby dolls were perfect!! There wasn’t a toy she set aside or that she didn’t love when she unwrapped it. Her excitement was contagious! Finally, her special present from her Nana and Papa came through the door.  Her face was priceless. She instantly caught her breath  and with excitement boiling over, tears came to her eyes and she hasn’t stopped playing with her kitchen since. The day was perfect.

Happy 2nd birthday to our Little Princess, Landrey Elizabeth. Your mommy and daddy are over the moon to be your parents and have loved you from the moment we knew you existed. God smiled on us the day you were born and we pray that you follow His perfect plan for your life, as we are trying to do for ourselves. Trust Him, Follow Him and you will never be disappointed. He loves you more than we can ever dream. We look forward to sharing this upcoming year with you, your sweet giggles, frilly bows and dirty toes. :


One thought on “Sweet Giggles, Frilly Bows and Dirty Toes

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