So much to say..So little time

I am back!! I have really missed blogging. At night, I found myself thinking about all the things I needed to blog about, which always leads to insomnia! I would have to tell myself, “Got to sleep, Ashly!”  Well, today is a new day and I am following through with my blogging. Mainly so I can sleep at night!
Since my last blog, much has taken place and changed. The gorgeous season of Fall has set in and Summer seems to be just a memory.  Before I post some of our recent pictures, I thought I would share that Jason and I had a fantastic Summer and really enjoyed sharing Landrey’s  first Summer with her. Although we did manage to make it to Myrtle Beach, we were unable to capture it with photos due to absolute downpours of rain for days and days! Maybe next year…   We did, however take advantage of Jason’s parents generosity in allowing us to spend a week at their lake house at Lake Gaston. What a great week. Beautiful weather, nothing on the agenda and our most difficult decision was which restaurant to eat at that night. Don’t you just love vacations? Landrey and I hung out at the boat deck and swam in her little kiddie pool every day.  Nap time was wonderful. Let’s just say Landrey and I felt well rested when we got back  home. Love taking naps with my baby!  Jason enjoyed himself by relaxing by the TV or casting a fishing line out every once in a while. The highlight of our evening was when  Jason took us for our “evening boat ride”     around the lake every afternoon. I I have to admit that would look forward to that  all day.  Zooming around open water, sneaking into little coves to scout for fishing holes, wind blowing in your hair…Love it! Landrey loved it, too!     Well, that is only if she could drive.

We even took in the local sites and restaurants. Nothing like a good Flea Market in the morning and then a  hometown Italian restaurant for dinner!!

Before I knew it, the Convention was here. Each fall,  a convention is sponsored for teachers, principals, pastors, and board members primarily for NCCSA schools.  Workshops and general  sessions are designed to benefit every area of the Christian school ministry.     Vendors display the latest programs and services which are available to teachers and schools.

Every other year, the NCCSA joins  Georgia Association of Christian Schools and S.C. Association of Christian Schools to host the Southeast Christian School Convention at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Nearly 2,500 Christian Educators and over 150 exhibitors attend this very popular event.

It is an incredible event, if you have never been. Tons of people are there, from teachers to administrators to pastors to vendors selling the latest educational tools. Quite amazing. (In fact, I had  to take the last two paragraphs from Jason’s website. It is the best way I know how to describe what the Convention is for those who do not know. )

Last year at that time, I was due any minute with Landrey, so unfortunately, Jason was unable to attend. Shortly after it’s ending, Landrey Elizabeth Haas was born.  The funny thing is that when Jason and I begin thinking about having a child, we decided that any time of the year would be fine to have one, just not during the convention. That was very important. It’s Jason’s busiest time of the year! Well, God has a very funny sense of humor. Needless to say, little Landrey’s birthday will most likely fall during the convention week every year now. Looking at the bright side of it, we’ll always be somewhere fun. (Myrtle Beach, for example, this year. ) She’ll never have school on her birthday. We can always go out for dinner for her birthday. And she’ll think she’s the attention getter because she’ll be the “Birthday Girl” every year. She’ll end up loving it!

During Jason’s busy time, Mrs. Jan and I were able to get away and do some shopping! Why is it so much more fun to shop for kids than yourself? No one told me having a girl would be this much fun! 🙂


One thought on “So much to say..So little time

  1. Ashly, I really enjoyed reading your blogs (both) tonight. I can tell it’s all from your heart. That is so sweet from a young mother of today. Thank you so much for keep us “Greats” here in Alabma up to date on Landrey’s little life. I know she is loved and will always be brought up right and be taken care of with two loving and careing Parents like you . We will see you soon. Take care—Mamaw & Papaw

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