MOMents in time…

Where did the time go? People said from the moment you were born that time would fly. I would just smile and nod my head, having no idea how right they were. I have enjoyed you so much this past year. You are such a good baby and never once could you smile with out making me smile back, even to this day. Your grin is contagious and your laugh, heart warming. I would hug my big belly when I was expecting you and wonder what you looked like. I would long to hold your little hand and feel your soft skin against my lips as I kissed your little face. Your Daddy and I wanted you so badly and loved you even before we knew you existed.

I will never forget the moment I found out about you.  The test read positive and I felt my heart grow bigger. From that second on, I would always love you. Whether you would grow to become our child, or if the Lord decided to take you Home before we met,  I knew I would always love you. It was a really magical moment knowing that the only people that knew of your existence were me and God. I will always cherish that moment. The reality quickly set in as I looked at the positive reading on the test again. My heart raced and tears came to my eyes. I was going to be a “Mommy”. That day, you filled a deep desire of my heart…to be a Mommy.

Healthy, hungry and GORGEOUS is how you arrived 9 months later. On September 29, 2009, I was finally able to hold your little hands, feel your soft skin as I kissed your sweet face and at last, I was able to see what you looked like…YOUR DADDY!!!

Yep, just like him! Not even a little like me.. ALL him… (sigh) All that work for you to look like him. Oh well… At least I think he’s good looking! 🙂

I actually think it’s really sweet that you look like him now. When he holds you in his arms and you both have your eyebrows frowned as you two watch T.V., it is adorable. Many of your facial expressions are his and many of your stubbornness is his, too!   But I wouldn’t want it any other way. God perfected everything about you, down to the details of your nails and hair. What an awesome God we serve.

You are now a year old and we love you more than we ever thought we would. You are a true blessing to our families and we pray that you follow the marvelous and perfect plans that God has for your life. I cherish every MOMent of our days together and am so proud to be your Mommy. We love you!!!


2 thoughts on “MOMents in time…

  1. Now, you have me crying….so true…our “precious babies” are such a wonderful “Gift from God”! Grandpa and I are so happy for you and we know how much you thank God daily for this gift He has given you.
    We love to see her smile at us (as if she knows us..ha!) in church…we know she smiles at everyone! You are so blest! Keep praising God for her and train her to love Him with all her heart! Much love and prayers, grandpa and grandma Haas

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