Pools and Floats and Fun..OH MY!!!

These past few months have been filled with many firsts for Jason and myself, to say the least. Jason and I have experienced the birth of our first child, our first move into a new home, and first time experiencing planning EVERYTHING around a naptimes, feedings and bedtime… What wonderful first they have been, though.

About two years ago, Jason gave me a great camera for Christmas…or was it for my birthday???  Hmm… Anyway,  I never used it. Seriously! I wasn’t sure how to use the zoom, it had all these fancy effects you could use that I didn’t know how to use (and I didn’t much care to know how either) Let’s just say I was glad to have a camera just in case I needed it and that was about it. Jason was constantly saying, “I wish you used your camera more.” Yeah yeah yeah… What did he want me to take pictures of… us laying on the couch?

After our little Landrey arrived, all that changed. I now know everything that camera does. I have even mastered the video recorder option. Sometimes, I find myself getting carried away taking pictures. Of the trees, the sky, well… you get the picture.  I now realize what a wonderful gift that camera has turned out to be. I know it’s over 6 months away, but my Christmas list has only one thing on it: A fancy, new digital camera!!  (Jason probably just cringed as he is read this.) hehe…

This Summer has just begun and that camera has been busy, busy, busy! Landrey seems to love water. Any kind really. Water in the tub, water in the sink, rain, sprinklers. With the temperature heating up quite fast in North Carolina, I couldn’t wait for her to experience a pool. A couple from our church always graciously offer to let me use their pool while they are out-of-town on Summer weekends. What a blessing, especially on those HOT summer days! I am so thankful for them and their generosity.

This past weekend they allowed us to use their pool while they were away on Memorial Day. This was going to be Landrey’s first time in a “Big Girl” pool and those camera batteries were fully charged!

What a great time the three of us had! The weather was beautiful and Landrey’s  legs never stopped kicking under the water! She splashed and played until Jason and I were exhausted. Noticed I said Jason and I. I think she would have played for hours, but her toes were so shriveled that we thought she needed to get out.

Landrey’s Aunt Julie gave her the most adorable Starfish floaty as a gift last year and it has been a blessing! It gave her a little bit of independence while in the pool but really it gave our arms a much needed break! I don’t think I have seen anything much cuter than her  floating around the pool while kicking her legs, smacking the water with her little hands and giggling all at the same time. 

Well, maybe I’ll add just one more thing to that Christmas list… A pool! 🙂


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