This is my first mother’s Day being a mother and I am feeling very excited! I couldn’t be more proud of grateful for the amazing daughter that God gave to me. Words really cannot describe the fulfillment I have in my life now. Being a mother is everything I hoped it would be and I only hope that I am able to place a stamp of love on Landrey’s heart that she carries with her forever like my mother did for me.

                        (My mommy feeling Landrey kick her mommy…)

I was very blessed to have had and still have a loving, Christian mother in my life. And now that I am married, I even have a wonderful God-fearing mother-in-law that I adore! (Not very many daughter-in-laws can say that- and mean it!!!) 

                                                                 (My mother-in-law, Mrs. Jan)

I could not imagine having to go through my younger life without a mother. Many children unfortunately experience this terrible void, but I hurt for them that never have known the emotions of having a wonderful mother. The feeling of comfort as she puts a cold washcloth on your forehead after being sick. Of having your #1 cheerleader at your sporting events. Or being scared and your mom making you feel safe by touching your hand, or in my case, your heart.

 I remember as a child having a bully named Melissa Griffith (funny how you never forget their names when they’re mean to you) threaten to beat me up every day at school. I didn’t even know her name before she starting harassing me, so I know it was nothing I did to her. She just had it out for me. Probably because she was a puny little thing in school and I was the only one smaller than she was! Ha! Crying everyday when I got home, more out of having my feelings hurt and not understanding why she didn’t like me than being scared, my mother did something that always stuck with me. She prayed with me. She prayed with me to have peace when I went to school and not be hurt or scared.  And then we prayed for Melissa. I remember not  understanding why we were praying for Melissa. Why were we praying for someone who was being mean to me??

The whole “Melissa”  thing eventually ended and she moved on to another skinny little girl, but it wasn’t until much later that I realized how much my mother’s prayer affected my outlook on prayer. I don’t even know if my mother ever knew what really took place in my heart that day. Since then, I have always tried to pray for my “enemies”. Wow is that hard sometimes!! That childhood incidence was so small in relation to my adult prayer requests now, but what a wonderful prayer lesson for a child to learn. First, that no matter how small or unimportant they might think the situation is, God cares. And secondly, not to get angry, retaliate or even return the feeling of hate- but to pray. Specifically, for the one(s) making you have those emotions. Easier said than done sometimes, especially when they drive you to tears and feelings of absolute frustration!! But as a child of God, I now know that I am commanded to do this.

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that   curse you, do good to them that hate you, and persecute you; and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Matthew 5:44

This Mother’s Day, thanks Mom for teaching me wonderful lessons, but most importantly, teaching me biblical lessons that would stay with me through out my life. Happy Mother’s Day and I love you!!!

(Mom, Janie, Landrey and me.  Mimi’s ” three girls”. )

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