Baby Dedication 2010


Our church, Faith Free Will Baptist, had their Baby Dedication Service this past Sunday,May 2, 2010. All together, there were almost 20 couples that vowed to give their child(ren) a Godly education, a Godly home and to be Godly examples. Jason and I were among these parents that vowed these things and we both took them very seriously. We pray that Landery will come to know and accept our Lord at an early age and that she will seize every opportunity to share the gospel with those around her.

                                 (Preacher and Mrs. Brenda Patrick)

I am so thankful for a church that has these services and that recognizes the importance of having a Godly home in order to produce a Godly child. I am the first to admit that I am not always “Godly” and now that I have two little eyes watching my every move and two little ears listening to my every word, I know that now more than ever is the time to be as close with God as possible.

 Jason and I both understand that Landrey is truly a gift from God and that He has intrusted us with her, but that she is not “ours to keep”. I instinctively feel that Jason and I are the only one’s who know what’s best for her and that we love her more than anyone ever could. How wrong that feeling is. While I do feel this way, I KNOW that my God loves Landrey far more than Jason or I ever could and that His plan for her life is perfect. Jason and I know that we are not rearing Landrey for what we want her to become or what we want for her life, but for her future husband, family and most importantly, for Christ.

     (Cousins: Evan, Pierson and Landrey. Baby Dedication 2010.) 

I pray that she will recognize how blessed she is to have amazing  great-grandparents, grandparents, family and an amazing church to help her grow with the Lord. So many children are born into this world with no Biblical foundation of knowledge at all. Never hearing or knowing the simplest of church songs  like “Jesus Loves Me”. Some are even born into families that reject His word. How sad… May Landrey come to realize and be thankful for exactly where the Lord placed her and may she use all of her wonderful resources to build a firm Biblical foundation for her family one day.

III John 4: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

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