Where has the time gone?

It’s been a while since I last blogged , huh?  (oh …almost two months ago!!!) Well, I’m back. Not that I really went anywhere, but it seemed that my computer had a mind of its own and would shut down whenever it liked, including in the middle of blogging. Thankfully, Jason is a computer guru and we are back in business! Thanks Jason!!

Since my last blog, our family has been very busy. Landrey has turned 6 months old, weighs a little over 16 pounds now, has outgrown almost all of her clothes and is really showing her personality! She is soooo much fun!

The weather here in NC has been unusually warm and everyone, including myself, has been enjoying it! Landrey’s Aunt Julie gave her an adorable pool for Christmas last year and we have gotten much use out of it. You can even attach the hose to it and water flows out the flowers attached to the side of the pool. It’s really cute! Landrey has really enjoyed that lately, but begins to get upset when the water continues to run through her fingers and she cannot grab it. It’s really funny to watch.

All of my years of living in NC, I cannot remember seeing every car on the road the color yellow. Until this year. The pollen count has been record-setting and yellow dust covers EVERYTHING in site! I cannot even take Landrey for a walk around the neighborhood without returning with a yellow, pollen covered stroller! Due to all of this, Landrey and Jason both, have had some serious allergies this Spring. Our family had a wonderful Easter this year. I had two baskets with candy and toys waiting for Jason and Landrey this year. It was so much fun. Landrey loved her toys, I really loved the candy! Ha!

This years family Easter picture was very special to me. Usually taken with just the two of us, this year our family picture included one more.  This was actually our first “family picture”.  I love to see Jason holding Landrey in pictures. Before we know it, she ‘ll be too big and will have to stand next to him.

Landrey has sitting up accomplishes very well, but crawling might be a little harder. She wants nothing to do with any activities on her stomach and immediately rolls over and tries to sit up. She would much rather stand up and “walk” while holding your fingers. It’s so funny to watch her little feet move one in front of the other.They get caught up and step on the other, but she is smiling the whole time and wanting to go- go-go!

I have a feeling that when she does begin walking on her own, I am going to have my hands full! She is always wanting to go over there, see that, go outside, get that toy, etc. Needless to say, she keeps me busy without her ability to walk!  

Our church is having Baby Dedication on May 2nd and I am very excited.  I had once thought that Landrey would have been younger than 6 months before our church had one of their dedication services (they unusually have a spring and fall service), but with over 12  babies born between April and November of last year, they decided to wait. Now, just in April, we have close to 16 babies that will be dedicated in the coming Sunday, if not more!! By the way, one of those ladies that had a baby born right before Landrey is expecting again!  Not wanting a baby anytime soon??? Don’t drink the water in Goldsboro!


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