“Will you Marry Me?”

It was five years ago today that Jason asked me to marry him. I knew something was up, but didn’t know quite what. Jason explained to me to be ready at 5 AM, dress warm and wear good shoes. Hmmm…. what in the world?? Jason had everything planned out, detail by detail! He even called my boss at that time and explained why I wouldn’t be able to come into work. At 5 AM, he picked me up at my mother’s house and off we drove. About 30 minutes later, we were at the airport. Still not knowing where we were going, we walked into the airport showed ID and waited. Finally they announced boarding RDU to NYC and he handed me my plane ticket! Off we flew to NYC!!!
Arriving about 8 AM, Jason had a car waiting for us and drove us directly into Manhattan. First stop: Central Park. Little did I know that he was about to propose. Or so he thought. He had everything planned out. A romantic walk and then we were to go to Tavern On The Green, one of the most romantic places in NYC. As we walked up to the door, it looked awfully dark inside. Yep! It was closed… OK-Plan B…

So we walked around central Park and decided to sit up on some beautiful boulders that overlooked the city. Can you believe we were the only ones there? As Jason reached into his pocket, a bum came and sat right next to him. Not on the 50 boulders surrounding us, right next to Jason on his bolder..

Plan C…We decided to go see Ground Zero. What a spectacular sight to see. The dust was still on the ledges of the adjacent buildings. People were still placing flowers and writing notes to be left behind. And this was 4 years after the attack. While I was looking around and taking in the moment, Jason was no where to be found. Finally locating him, he was on the phone! WHAT??? Everytime I would look at him, he would turn around and continue talking with whomever he was on the phone with. I would approach him and he would walk away. Not very romantic!!
We left from there and as we were walking a limo pulled up next to us and Jason said “GET IN”!!!! By this point, I was tired and Jason was slightly aggravated from all the plans not going as he would have liked. We drove around the block once and the limo stopped. “That was weird”, I thought. Jason once again became aggravated. He got out and spoke with the driver. Around the block we drove again. This time, getting caught in traffic. It was time!
He reached for my hand, and asked me, “Will you marry me?”.  Of course, I said “YES”!!!
I hadn’t noticed the limo stopping again, but he said that we were here, so we proceeded to get out of the limo. With everyone on the street clapping and congratulating us on our new engagement (they probably knew because I was screaming and showing off the ring!!) , he explained that we were about to see the Broadway Play “The Phantom of The Opera”!! I was so excited!!
The play was spectacular and we had amazing seats. Word spread very  the building about our engagement and during intermission tons of people congratulated us! What a memorable moment…

We ended the night with a romantic dinner and a flight back to North Carolina. What a day!
To explain some of the unusual behavior by Jason at ground zero, he was talking to his uncle about how all of the plans had fallen through and he was panicking  about not having a private place to propose. His uncle, being the NYC expert and having tons of connections, told him to look for a limo and to ask me in there. About 15 minutes later, the limo arrived. Amazing!
Poor Jason. His intentions were to ask me that morning at 8 AM and get to over with. It wasn’t until around 7 PM that evening that he had the chance.
Despite all the frustration and anticipation, we had a wonderful time and made some great memories. And a funny story to tell, too!
I love you, Jason!!

One thought on ““Will you Marry Me?”

  1. Awe…… I had never heard that story before!!! I soooo enjoyed reading it! Very, very sweet! You’ll definately have to go back to NYC one day and reinact it all!! 🙂 Love ya’ll!

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