First snow!!

In North Carolina, we can occasionally see snow and even some ice, but when the weather man says “SNOW”, people really start to get excited around here. Well, the word “snow” was mentioned and snow was what we got! Some areas received 3-4 inches! While we did receive some snow, we mainly saw snow at first, with freezing rain following. It sure was pretty while it lasted. I was so excited to take pictures with Landrey for her “first snow”. I am trying my best to capture all of her “firsts”. Before I know it, I’ll be taking pictures of her in the snow next year and wondering where the time went.

    This week has been fillied with firsts for me AND Landrey. Landrey is officially sick for the first time. I am actually surprised she made it to 4 1/2 months! Congestion, coughing and a slight fever. I took her to the doctor and he said she has a really bad cold…Poor baby. No medicine or relief. She just has to get better on her own. During the day is manageable, but come night time, it is terrible. I just cringe thinking about tonight. It is pitiful to see a baby having difficulty breathing only to cough when she finally gets a good breath. Even through all of this, she manages to crack a smile at me every once in a while. So sweet. The poor baby smells like vicks vapor rub all day though! Please pray that she feels better quickly! I miss all those sweet smiles and giggles!


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