This blog post is for our family and friends who haven’t been able to see many of her pictures because they are out-of-state. It’s hard to keep up with her because she is growing so fast! Landrey had a doctor’s appt. this past Monday and she is 26 1/4″ long! The doctor had the nurse come back into the room and re-measure her. Sure enough 26 1/4″. He explained he didn’t believe it because she is the height of a 7 month old. That explains why her 3-6 month clothes look like capris! Haha!
I decided to experiment with taking some pictures of Landrey at 4 months. I have looked at Sears, Belks, and other places for some “cheap” pictures. What a joke! I cannot believe how expensive pictures are. Anyway, I thought it was worth a shot to try my hand at it. Landrey, as usual, was very cooperative and had nothing but smiles to give the camera. So here are her latest pictures. All 26 1/4″ of her… 🙂
I hope everyone enjoys these. I LOVED taking them of her. Now I’ve caught the photography bug, so there may be more to follow! Have a wonderful week!

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