We have a tooth!! After much anticipation, baby Tylenol and teething tablets and hugs, we now have a tooth! It’s the cutest little tooth you’ve ever seen. Now if only the one next to it would hurry up. Her poor little gum is swollen and red. Any day now!

I had been looking and looking for a bouncer for Landrey. On Craigslist, word of mouth and at our local child’s consignment store. The consignment store had two, but they were REALLY dirty and were still $50.00! New ones are $80.00 and come clean! So after searching and searching, I decided to check the consignment store again. On my way out,  a woman was coming in with hers arms full carrying a bouncer. (Just the one I wanted, too!) She explained that it had never been used and never put together. I said that I didn’t know what they would offer her for it, but I would give her $30.00 cash. “SOLD!”, she said. I was so excited!

This is the latest of her in her bouncer. She loves it! I can hardly believe that she not quite 4 months old and not sitting up on her own, but can do this!

If you look through the videos after you watched her in her bouncer, you can also watch Landrey standing up in Jason’s hand doing “balancing baby”. She thinks she is sooo big! We get so tickled at her doing this.  She is so much fun!

I keep thinking that 3 weeks was my favorite age. Then 4 weeks. Two months was great! At three months I loved her interacting and reaching for things. Now at 4 months, this is my new favorite age. I’m sure as she grows, I will have many new favorite ages. Good thing is that I can enjoy all of  her twenties too because she can’t date until she turns 30!  🙂

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