So Proud.

Ok my blog readers…It’s about to get REALLY sappy!!! It seems like people are constantly commenting on how big Landrey is getting and how grown up she is looking. With her wanting to stand up constantly and cutting her first tooth I am beginning to agree. I am trying my very best not to overlook or miss any new thing happening with her, but every time I blink, she changes. My sister-in-law and I were sitting in the back of the church this morning with our babies and as Landrey woke up from her nap, she immediately gave us a huge smile. It warmed my heart. She is such a happy baby and smiles at strangers all the time! (no matter how scary they look, unfortunately.) She really makes me proud that she is so friendly and social.

As Landrey and I were doing some Christmas shopping last month, an elderly man in a wheelchair came up to us and began to speak.  He explained that he had no family around Goldsboro and was hoping that some family would be able to come and spend Christmas with him, but he was doubtful.   He was so sweet, but obviously lonely. His eyes met Landrey ‘s eyes and they were instant friends. They carried on a conversation for over a minute! She would talk, then him… it was precious.  As he said goodbye, he said that she had made his day. That was when I  began to realize how wonderful it is when your children make you proud.

I found this video and it says it all. Be prepared…. tissues would be a great idea. HINT HINT…

One thought on “So Proud.

  1. Hey Girl..I was trying to upload your link to my site..and I read your sweet lil post. I love this video! I posted the same one to my site before Pierson was born. Its hard not to be sappy when you have kids, isn’t it! They make you so emotional!!ha I love sweet lil Landrey lu…she is such a sweet heart!

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