Christmas 2009

As I mentioned previously, we had a wonderful Christmas! Some of my favorite things were seeing the reflection of the tree lights in Landrey’s eyes. She LOVED looking at all the decorations.It really helped out when she would become a little fussy. All I had to do was let her look at the tree and she would be captivated. Now that the tree is down, I am going to have to get creative and think of something else! Ha!

Seeing that Landrey is the only great-grandchild and grand baby on my side and the only girl grand baby on Jason’s side, let’s just say she was spoiled at Christmas! From rattles to clothes and lots of toys, she is set for a while! She even got a pool and pool floaty for the summer!!

To watch her study each present as we opened it for her was hysterical! She was very serious about each one and examined each inch of them…

This past year has been so sweet for Jason and me. From finding out we were expecting in January to meeting Landrey for the first time in September and now experiencing her first Christmas this past December. I am so excited to see what this coming year has for our family. Please pray that the Lord blesses all of us with health and many wonderful memories.

One thought on “Christmas 2009

  1. Ashly & Jason, I’m so proud that you have your “blog” up and running. I can keep up with Landrey’s progress and hear all the new cute things she is learning. Ashly, you do great writing…It brought tears to my eyes. We do take our blessing for granted until we have a problem (maybe that’s why we have to have them, once in a while. Keep the blogs coming and Mamaw & Papaw will enjoy keeping up. We love you three… looking forward to seeing you all before too long. God Bless You, Mamaw & Papaw

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