The day we have all been waiting for finally arrived. I was determined that before giving birth, I would  take a shower, fix my hair and have my make-up just right for pictures.  The contractions began and to the shower I went.  On our way out the door to the hospital, my hair was fixed and make-up just right. Time to have this baby. Or so I thought.  Before the car had time to cool off, we were back in it on our way home.

While I was in labor, dilated and having contractions, the hospital wanted my contractions to be no more than 3 minutes apart for at least one hour.  The next morning, I was feeling it!! contractions began to increase in intensity, but were still not three minutes apart for an hour. I had some 5 minutes apart, 8 minutes apart, But never 3 minutes apart! Should we or shouldn’t we go back to the hospital? By that night, I couldn’t take it anymore. With hardly any make-up on and my hair not fixed, we were off to the hospital again.  This was not how I had planned it! With one look at me, I was admitted and given an epidural. Ahhh… relief. Up until that point, I couldn’t have cared less how I looked!!  (Funny how pain does that to you.)

The doctors explained that maybe by the following afternoon, Landrey would be here, so I rested and relaxed with family.  Early the next morning, Jason and I called our families to tell them that the doctors had moved the arrival time from late afternoon to around 12 noon instead. Everyone still  had time to shower and get ready before she arrived. About 30 minutes later, another called went out. Time has moved up again. Possibly around 9 or 10 am. That was still plenty of time for our families to get there.

Feeling a slight change in comfort ( but STILL not having contractions 3 minutes apart) I asked the Doctor to check me again. To my surprise, his eyes grew big and the nurses started to scramble. “Ready to push”, he asked??  By that time, it was a little after 7 am. Our families were not there!! Yet another call went out. This time saying, “Hurry! She’s coming!”.  About 45 minutes later, at 7:58 a.m. on September 29, 2009 Landrey Elizabeth Haas arrived weighing 7 lbs, 12 oz and 21 inches long. She was beautiful and healthy. As for the families? By the time Landrey made her first appearance in the nursery window, everyone was there to welcome her!

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